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Our Commitment

The ByWard Family Health Team strives to provide services in a manner that is accessible to all of our patients, and respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. We are committed to offering equal opportunity to access our services and to providing the benefit of the same services, in the same place and in a similar way to all customers.

How we are making BWFHT more accessible

  • Creating an accessibility email
    • Provides a feedback process for suggestions, complaints, and general feedback as it relates to accessibility
    • Allows direct communication with individuals with disabilities who prefer a written method of communication
  • Signage
    • Creating accessibility signage for all clinic locations
  • Continuously updating policies to reflect accessibility regulations
  • Ensuring staff are adequately trained

Our Policies

AODA Customer Service and Integrated Accessibility Policy & Plan:

  • Regular font
  • Large font
  • Auditory format

Notice of Temporary Disruption

No disruptions to report. All elevators are working and clinics are accessible.


BWFHT strives to provide services in a manner that is accessible to all of our patients, and respects your dignity and independence in accordance with AODA Accessibility Standards for Customer Service.

Your feedback is important to us. To help us better serve you, we invite you to fill out this form and to give us a written description of the situation that led you to formulate your comments. Accessibility inquires can also be sent to accessibility@uohs.uottawa.ca.

If you wish to send a form/document to a clinic provider, please forward to records@uohs.uottawa.ca. The content of the email should include the first name and last initial, as well as date of birth of the individual whom the form/document pertains to. Please include the name of intended recipient (provider).

Note that email communication is not a secure means of communication and that the above email addresses should not be used to communicate with your provider regarding a health issue. Patients are to call the clinic and speak to one of our staff members who can relay your message to your provider.


Scent-free Environment

As health service providers, BWFHT recognizes that some people are sensitive to scented products. Thank you for helping us maintain a scent free environment!

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