COVID-19 Masking Update

As of May 11th 2023, the Byward FHT clinic has changed our masking policy. Masks will no longer be mandatory to all staff and visitors. We do however ask any patients with COVID like symptoms to mask before entering the clinic. If you do not have one, please ask our receptionist and one will be provided.

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Our Mission

Inspiring and supporting the health & well-being of the individuals and communities we serve.


ByWard Family Health Team (BWFHT) offers primary healthcare services with several areas of specialized care as part of a comprehensive multidisciplinary health organization.

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The ByWard Family Health Team (BWFHT) offers a Diabetes type 2 program that is focused on providing comprehensive diabetes care and helping you to live your best life with diabetes.  The program is based on the Canadian Diabetes Association’s best practice guidelines and is led by a nurse practitioner. You will work with the nurse practitioner and other team members, meeting with them on a regular basis to review and enhance your diabetes management.

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