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Mental Health

The ByWard Family Health Team (BWFHT) offers mental health services. Our Mental Health Counsellors are qualified professionals who work with patients in a short-term, focused and confidential manner to find solutions.

Bilingual services provided may address a range of issues, from acute situational reactions, marital discord, behavioural issues in children, to more chronic conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders, with clinical counselling services being offered to people of all ages. Counselling services are goal oriented and a range of evidence based approaches are used in working with patients. The length and type of service provided will depend on the nature of the presenting issue. Patients may also be referred to other community resources to help meet their needs.

In addition to individual counselling services the mental health team offers psycho-educational groups on different topics. They also work collaboratively with other interdisciplinary health providers regarding chronic disease management programs.

How to Access

Family Health Team Psychiatrist and Mental Health Counselors are available to patients enrolled with a family physician with the BWFHT.  

A telephone Intake Assessment appointment with a Mental Health Counsellor will be scheduled upon receipt of your referral from a ByWard Family Health Team Provider. Patients are to contact our office directly at 613-564-3950 ext 497 or complete the online appointment request formto schedule this appointment. This appointment will provide an opportunity to discuss your needs and determine the best strategies for you. There is no fee for our mental health services. 

Online Request for a telephone appointment  


BWFHT also offers psychiatric and psychological servicesto all patients. 



What to Expect

Mental Health Counselling

  • Counselling for different mental health/psychosocial issues such as: depression; anxiety-stress; phobias; PTSD following domestic violence, sexual abuse, accidents, or other traumas; grief and loss issues; relationship problems (with partner, child, teen, colleague, employer, etc.); parenting issues (parent-child, parent-teen, etc.); addiction issues (short-term assistance only)
  • Individual, couple or family therapy
  • The number of counselling sessions is limited to 6-8 sessions
  • Psycho-educational groups on selected topics such as anxiety, and attention deficit disorder.
  • Linkages to community resources
  • Additional support and counselling services are offered through University of Ottawa – Counselling and Therapy
Wellness Workshop

This Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – mindfulness based group workshop run by BWFHT counsellors will emphasize coping skills and self-care strategies in dealing with symptoms of anxiety and depression. Ask your primary health care provider for a referral to the 6 consecutive week Wellness Workshop.

Mental Health Group Sessions: Changes and Choices

Patients with a family physician at BWFHT can self-refer today by calling 613-564-3950, ext. 497 to attend one or more group sessions.

Session 1: “Healthy Relationships”– This session will review healthy boundaries, assertive communication, resolving conflict, building trust, and fostering empathy in relationships.

Session 2: “The Triple-S recipe for Well-being: Stress management, Sleep hygiene and Self-care” – This session will help with identifying warning signs of stress, as well as provide coping tools to take control over stressors and symptoms alike. Furthermore, the session will expand to encourage implementation of sleep hygiene and self-care strategies for optimum wellness.

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