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The ByWard Family Health Team (BWFHT) offers a Diabetes type 2 program that is focused on providing comprehensive diabetes care and helping you to live your best life with diabetes.  The program is based on the Canadian Diabetes Association’s best practice guidelines and is led by a nurse practitioner. You will work with the nurse practitioner and other team members, meeting with them on a regular basis to review and enhance your diabetes management.  More specifically, the program aims at:

  • Providing comprehensive diabetes care for the affected individual and their family based on several strategies derived from evidence -based research and best clinical practices.
  • Empowering the individual and his/her community toward effective self-management of diabetes.
  • Develop and incorporate disease prevention and health promotion strategies in the everyday clinical practice.

Our Family Health Team includes other health professionals who are available to support you including a pharmacist, a registered dietitian, a chiropodist (foot care specialist), registered nurse, a smoking cessation counselor, and a counseling team.  The nurse practitioner and other health professionals work closely with your family physician to help you manage your healthcare needs.

How to Access

If you have rostered with a physician at the BWFHT, you are 18 years or older and you have a diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus Type II, you can join the Diabetes type 2 Program and have free access to the service. Call 613-564-3950 for more information or to book an appointment.  By participating in the BWFHT Diabetes program you may be able to better manage your diabetes and avoid diabetes-related complications while still having regular appointments with your family doctor or nurse practitioner for management of your overall health.  All patients rostered to the BWFHT have access to our allied health professionals.

How to Prepare
  • If any laboratory tests were done before your visit, please bring a copy of the results.
  • Bring blood glucose records with you (written down or printed from your meter)
  • Bring a list of all medications you are taking including non-prescription drugs.  Let the team know which ones need to be refilled.
  • Write down any questions you have about your diabetes.
  • Save any non-urgent, non-diabetes questions for visits with your family physician
What to Expect
  • Comprehensive initial assessment
  • Regular meetings with the Diabetes Nurse Practitioner for ongoing care and support
  • Review of recent lab tests
  • Start and adjustment of medication as needed
  • Assessment of your risk for heart attack, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, renal function, mental and sexual health
  • Advice and discussion about food choice, exercise, smoking, etc.
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration with your family physician


Is the appointment by phone or in person?

  • The initial consultation will be by telephone. If the specialist deems it necessary to see you in person after the initial consultation, she will schedule a face to face appointment with you for a later date.



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