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A periodic health visit replaces what used to be called the annual physical examination.  This type of visit is tailored to your individual health situation.  The focus is on healthcare aspects specifically relevant to your age, gender and personal history, and includes preventive health practices with screening tests and appropriate counselling.  Talk to your family doctor or nurse practitioner for more information.

What to Expect

Periodic Health Visits are tailored to your individual needs and may include the following:

  1. Health History – this is your chance to mention any complaints or concerns about your health to your family physician or nurse practitioner.  Your vaccination status will be verified and your personal and family medical history will be updated.
  2. Vital Signs – may include: blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, weight.
  3. Physical Examination – a specific physical examination would be related to your individual health history and risk profile. Physical exam might include: heart, lungs, head and neck, abdomen, skin, etc. For males it may include an examination of the testes, prostate, penis or hernia.  For females it may include a breast exam, pelvic exam, or PAP test.
  4. Lab tests – there are no standard laboratory tests but your provider may order certain blood tests or diagnostic tests (x-ray, ultrasound) based on your health condition and requirements.
  5. Prevention – your provider may discuss certain preventive care measures like cancer screening or STI screening relevant to your health history and lifestyle

How to Access

Currently not available due to shortages.

Important Information

Remember to bring a complete list of medications you are currently taking, a summary of your health history, and any questions you have for your provider to every periodic health visit.

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