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The ByWard Family Health Team (BWFHT) works collaboratively with uOttawa’s Clinical Placement Risk Management Team to help uOttawa students complete the TB testing, immunizations and/or serology necessary to fulfill academic clinical placement requirements.

You will have received a notification from uOttawa’s CPRM team outlining your program’s requirements and deadline – please review so you know what you need.

Appointments are available in the morning, afternoon and evening for most of these clinics – no line-ups, no wait time. Please plan ahead so you can get everything done before your program deadline.

If you are unavailable for any of the clinic dates, you may need to schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Provider (i.e. Family Doctor) to complete your placement requirements.

Only requests related to appointment scheduling for clinical placement requirements will receive a response. For specific questions about eligibility (or any other issues/questions) contact uOttawa’s Office of Risk Management.

Note: Completion of a form or a report is not a service covered under provincial health insurance plans. Please see our Fees page for costs associated with this service.

Clinic Dates

There will be clinic dates added each month.
When submitting your appointment request, you will have an option to indicate your preferred clinic date and time of day.
Be aware of your specific program deadlines and requirements, and choose the most appropriate date. You can choose more than one option.

November 16
Time: 8:30am – 12:30pm & 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Location:  1st Floor, 100 Marie Curie Private, Ottawa, ON K1N6N5

December 1
Time: 8:30am – 12:30pm & 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Location:  1st Floor, 100 Marie Curie Private, Ottawa, ON K1N6N5

Last updated November 9, 2021

Deadlines & Requirements
How to Prepare

To prepare for your appointment, please review the important information provided by uOttawa’s Office of Risk Management.
Bring the following:

  • Your immunization booklet or other proof of immunization.
  • Student Placement Requirements Record
  • TB Test consent form – This form will be sent to you with the appointment confirmation.
    Review, complete and bring the form to your appointment.

Special Note re: COVID Vaccine – If you have received your COVID vaccine you must wait 28 days before receiving another immunization.

Important Information
How to Access

Here is how to set up your testing/immunization appointment at our campus clinic:

  1. Complete the online BWFHT appointment request form found on this page (see below). NB. This form is encrypted to ensure your information is kept private.
    • Ensure you complete all required info
    • Select the upcoming clinic(s) that you wish to attend (you can select more than one)
  2. You will receive an automated notification by email or text (SMS) with your appointment details. This appointment request may contain a Consent form if you are scheduled for a TB test. Please print the form, complete it and bring it to your appointment.
Note: The request form is a bit long and asks for detailed information. This is necessary to ensure we correctly identify your patient record and schedule the appointment. If you don’t already have a patient record with us, this information will allow us to open one for you. You must have a health record at BWFHT so our healthcare professionals can document the care provided as per professional college standards

Appointment Request Form

Use the form below to book an appointment.

To ensure that that the information that you are entering on these forms is being managed and transferred in the most secure methods, BWFHT uses a 256-bit data encryption, Secure Socket Layer and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.

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