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Healthy Lifestyles

The Healthy Lifestyles program is a lifestyle approach to help individuals reach and maintain a healthy weight. It provides a group setting for sharing experiences and support, and is co-facilitated by a registered dietitian and a certified fitness trainer.

The participant will learn about how nutrition, physical activity, the environment and our behaviours affect our body sizes. They will learn to use this information in their day to day lives by working with other group members doing practical activities and learning from each other’s experiences. The aim of this program is to help individuals make permanent lifestyle changes. This is not a program that focuses on “dieting”.


What to Expect

1. Orientation session (1 hr)

  • An overview of the program and opportunities for the participant to find out if they are ready to start this type of program and ask questions.

2. Lifestyle Modification (2 hr class each week, 6 weeks)

  • Group discussions on healthy weight, eating well, meal planning, grocery shopping and eating out (1 hr)
  • Group training sessions with personal trainer (1 hr)
  • Individual training (optional) with personal trainer 1 hr per week during the program.

3. Follow up (optional)

  • Group follow up training sessions (held for 1 hr during next program session)
  • Individual counselling in nutrition (during or after program).
How to Access

Rostered patients of the BWFHT can:
Self-refer by contacting the dietitian at 613-564-3950 ext 477 or ask their physician or other health care professional to refer them to the program. The program is free for all rostered patients of BWFHT.

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