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01 Jan 2019
Vaccine shortage

There is currently a global shortage of the following vaccines: Yellow Fever, Hepatitis B (Engerix B, Twinrix, and Recombivax).

Although the clinic receives ongoing shipments of these vaccines (except Recombivax), the supply is very limited and shipment dates vary.  Since the clinic’s supply for these vaccines is often depleted prior to the next shipment, it is possible that the vaccine may not be available at the time of your appointment.

As such, please book your appointment at least 8 to 10 weeks prior to travel, if not sooner, as we will put you on a waitlist (to book a 2nd appointment) to receive the vaccine when the clinic receives a shipment.

If you are a student requiring a vaccine for clinical placements please contact your faculty and/or the Office of Risk Management at uOttawa. Please accept our sincere apologies.

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