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10 Dec 2021
Primary Care Provider Status – Former patients of Dr Boparai, Dr. Gagnon, Dr. Lezack, Dr. Marinich & Dan Julien, N.P.

Dear Patient,

As you know, your family physician has left the ByWard Family Health Team. Traditionally, a family physician would find another physician to care for their patients after their departure. Unfortunately, this has not been the case, and the clinic has been unsuccessful doing so on their behalf. We recognize that this instability can create some anxiety on your part as you seek consistent access to primary care.
Challenging times however can create opportunities.

After a pilot period, we have decided to fully implement a Nurse Practitioner-led primary care practice at the ByWard FHT and would welcome you into that practice.

What is a Nurse Practitioner Led Primary Care Practice?

• A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a nurse with advanced university education who works both independently and in collaboration with physicians and other health professionals to provide you with quality health care services. The NPs at BWFHT are specialists in primary health care. They provide individuals, families and groups with health services in health promotion, disease and injury prevention, cure, rehabilitation and support.

• NPs are trained to assess patient needs, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnose disease, prescribe a wide range of medications including controlled substances, formulate and prescribe treatment plans, refer to other health care professionals and specialists, and provide counseling and education. NPs have been part of our primary care team for many years and chances are that you have already had one or more clinical encounters with an NP.

• The NPs will be supported by several family physicians in the clinic. The NPs and MDs will be co-located at the same clinical site (MC) to promote timely communication and promote team cohesion.

• In addition to nurse practitioners and collaborating physicians, other professionals on the clinic’s team may include registered nurses, registered practical nurses, registered dietitians, mental health counsellors, pharmacists, and other health care providers.

• This is not a new model of care in Ontario. There are Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics in dozens of communities across the province.

How do you access healthcare?

• The NP-Led primary Care Practice will follow the same booking procedures as other primary care providers at BWFHT clinic.

• While several NPs will be available to you, we would encourage you to see one NP as much as possible to promote the creation of a good relationship and for continuity of care.

• The practice is located at 100 Marie Curie Private which is on the uOttawa campus, corner of King Edward and Marie Curie Private.
And finally a reminder that while sometimes we have many health concerns, each appointment with any of our primary care practitioners is scheduled to address one or two issues. We ask you adhere to this request as matter of respect to all the patients who are booked after you.

Be well.

The ByWard Family Health Team

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