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08 Dec 2020
Important Notice for patients of Dr. Marie Claude Gagnon

Dear patient,

To begin, I would like to thank you for entrusting me with your health as your family physician. In an effort to meet the demands of my practice and to provide my patients quicker access to care, I’ve decided to transfer part of my practice to a wonderful family physician here at UOHS, Dr. Johneen Manning.

As a member of the UOHS Family Health Team, Dr. Manning offers a wide range of services to her patients, focusing on the prevention, early identification, treatment, care, and support for acute and chronic disease management. Dr. Manning is supported by a team of allied health professionals which includes nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, social workers, mental health counselors, and chiropodists to address the physical, emotional, mental and social aspects of your health and wellness.

If you are in receipt of this letter it means that you have been randomly selected by the UOHS data team and that as of Jan 1, 2021, your new family physician will be Dr. Manning. If you are booking an appointment after Jan 1st, you can request it by mentioning the name of your new physician. No other action will be required on your part. Your new physician will have access to your medical file which has been compiled over the years.

If you would prefer to seek care elsewhere please be advised that your medical records will remain in the custody of UOHS for a period not less than 10 years. To send a copy of your medical records to another physician, via fax or mail, UOHS requires your written authorization. An administrative fee for this uninsured service will apply. A consent to release personal health information form can be found on the UOHS website at:

Thank you for the opportunity to be a partner in your medical care and I extend my best wishes to you.


Dr. Marie Claude Gagnon

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