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03 Aug 2021
Important Notice for non-OHIP patients of Dr. Sarah Oliver

Dear Patients,

I wish to thank you for entrusting me with your care over the years.

As you know the pandemic and other factors have resulted in significant changes to our ability to provide care to our patients.

I am writing to inform you that as of October 1st, 2021, I am no longer able to provide you with medical care.

At the ByWard FHT we try to simultaneously meet the needs of our Ontario rostered patients, uOttawa students, out-of-province patients, and others. With our current lack of resources, it is proving impossible to meet our many competing commitments. As a family physician with a practice in Ontario and located on campus, the priority must be to Ontario patients, as well as current uOttawa or uStPaul students and staff. As such, out-of-province patients, who are not affiliated with the University of Ottawa, will be discharged from my practice as of October 1st, 2021.

Please know that I have not come to this decision lightly and appreciate that this news may come as a surprise and will be distressing for many.

It has been a pleasure to serve you for many years and I truly wish you well.

– Dr. Sarah Oliver, MD, CCFP

  • What if I need to renew a prescription?

    Please be assured that your doctor or another qualified health practitioner will respond to ongoing prescription requests.

  • What if I'm scheduled for an MRI in 4 months, who do I follow-up with regarding results?

    Your doctor or a qualified health practitioner will also review all incoming labs and test results ordered and follow up accordingly.

    If you are expecting results and have not heard from the clinic within a reasonable time period, please contact ByWard FHT to ensure nothing has been overlooked.

  • Where can I go to find another doctor?

    For assistance in locating another physician, RAMQ patients can go to the following websites:

    You may also wish to contact your local hospital to see whether any physicians on staff are accepting new patients. Lastly, some physicians, including those who are new to an area or who are beginning to establish a practice, will advertise that they are accepting new patients.

    There are also several walk-in clinics and CLSCs in the area that will be able to see you. Appletree Medical Group, Clinique Medigo and Clinique Marleen Tasse are notable examples.

    NOTE: To register with a new doctor in Québec, patients may need to update their file with RAMQ by calling 1-800-561-9749.

  • What about my medical record?

    To send a copy of your medical records to another facility, via fax or mail, please contact ByWard FHT directly.

    Note that your written authorization is required to release your medical records and an administrative fee for this uninsured service will apply.

    A consent to release personal health information can be found on the ByWard FHT website at: .

  • If I want to stay at ByWard FHT, can I be assigned a new doctor?

    Due to limited capacity, the ByWard FHT will not be able to accommodate patients who wish to register with another provider at the ByWard FHT.

  • I don’t understand why I’m being discharged as a patient, I thought I was a patient of ByWard FHT?

    This is a common misconception. The clinic, ByWard FHT, is where your provider has their practice. The clinic’s role is to make available the amenities and the resources that your provider requires so that they are able to provide services to their patients within their practice. It’s important to note that the relationship is between the patient and their provider, not the clinic. (For information on a patient-provider relationship, please visit the CPSO website).

    Ideally there would be another provider that would want to open their practice at the clinic and would be willing to accept patients that have been discharged from another practice. The clinic’s responsibility is to facilitate the transfer but is not responsible in guaranteeing the patient a primary care provider.

  • I have more questions about this, who do I contact?

    If you have questions regarding this announcement or would like to provide feedback, please go to our online feedback form at . If calling the clinic, please be patient, courteous and respectful when speaking to our staff. Your kindness is always appreciated.

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